Napoleon Hill was an American author; 1883-1970 who developed a relationship with Andrew Carnegie.  Obviously, Andrew Carnegie needs no introduction but in case you forgot, Carnegie revolutionized the American steel industry and became one of the greatest philanthropists in the United States as well as the British Empire.

Andrew Carnegie made an incredible impression on Napoleon Hill because Carnegie revealed the secrets to his success. Hill performed 20 years of research in order to find the biggest secret to achieve success, all done at the request of Carnegie.  Hill analyzed hundreds of well know men and women who admitted to achieving great success with the help of Andrew Carnegie’s secret. 

These people included John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Schwab, and even Theodore Roosevelt.   Each of these men utilized the “secret” with great excitement.  There are many tools that an individual can use and recognize while utilizing the “secret”.  The first tool or step an individual needs to recognize is his or her desire.  Desire is the foundation for any achievement in life.  How can we excel or be good at anything unless we have a desire to improve and become better? If there is no desire, then we should not expect to accomplish much of anything in our lives.  Also, no one should sit back and wait for the perfect time to act on the desire they have within their heart and mind.  Desire in the basis for any action you take in life. Desire is not a fleeting hope or wish, but it’s something that repeatedly rises up within us, and this can be your motivation to take action.

What is your desire?  What is the repeated theme in your mind that tells you what you are truly passionate about?  True desire is the thing that will push you through and obstacles you face in life.  Who do you keep company with? Who’s within your inner circle? Who have you shared your desire with?  Who can help keep you accountable?  Answer these questions for yourself and you’ll begin to understand how desire can be a tool you use while utilizing the “secret” in any venture you have.