What in the world is Clubhouse?

If you have heard of the new App called Clubhouse and were wondering what the heck this thing is, you’re not alone.  Clubhouse is an application that was launched solely for iPhone users in April of 2020.  Since then, Android users have been able to download Clubhouse to see what this thing is all about.

Let’s keep it simple here.  Clubhouse is an app that creates live chat rooms for any subject you could possibly imagine. If you want to learn about and discuss real estate, there are rooms for that.  If you want to talk about God, sports, weed farms, or even politics, there are rooms you can hop into.  No matter what your interests are, you can join a room that has people from all over the world.

Clubhouse is still in the Beta stage so you can only join by being invited. Here is why it was created.


What is Clubhouse? Think of a live interactive podcast

Paul Davison, the co-founder of Clubhouse believes that the significance of Clubhouse is to share and discuss topics with each other through voice.  I have to say WOW, WHAT A CONCEPT!  Being able to hear tone and people for real outside of mute social posting is so awesome!

How Clubhouse works?

  • Download the app from the App Store (it’s free).
  • Be invited in by an existing user.  Our entire team are users so we can get you in!
  • Use the search icon to find people or topics you are interested in following.
  • You can build your profile if you want.  I would suggest this if you’re interested in connecting with people or groups.  You can also add your Instagram and Twitter for connecting outside of Clubhouse.
  • You can join a room just by tapping on the room banner and listen in.  You don’t have to say anything unless you want to, and you can come and go as you please.
  • There is no tracking of people unless you want to be known.
  • NO, it is not a service to message each other!  You can add your email in your profile if you want.

Why JCORE uses Clubhouse?

We have a room that brings in successful real estate investors, lenders, and developers.  We share wisdom and knowledge with people who are interested in actively or passively investing in real estate.  Especially multi-family real estate.  The best part… It’s all free! You can join in from anywhere in the world!  If you have time, a desire to do more, and you can jump on in!

Join us on Clubhouse Wednesday nights at 8 PM EST, or Monday – Friday mornings at 9 AM EST (starting May 3rd).  Find our club THE JCORE PARTNERS and you’ll get notifications when we are on.

Just a bit of advice…  Go under tools and turn your notifications to “Normal”.  Otherwise, your phone will drive you crazy!  Just a learned lesson.