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Creating Win-Wins For Investors And Giving Back To The Community With Noel Walton

Noel is a 22-year veteran of the military, having served as an enlisted Security Forces Airman in the U.S. Air Force and a Commissioned Aviation Officer (UH-60Blackhawk pilot) in the U.S. Army. He and his wife Claudia began their real estate journey in 2011 with a small portfolio of single-family rentals and flips, then made the transition into commercial multifamily investing in January 2020. Shortly after, he co-founded the ‘Joint Chiefs of Real Estate’ or ‘JCORE’, a tight-knit team of active duty and veteran apartment syndicators, with the aim to assist veterans struggling with PTSD and homelessness. He is invested as a Joint Venture and General Partner in over 200 units and a Limited Partner in 50 Units

Wealth Watchers Podcast

73. Harnessing the power of teams to accelerate your growth w/ Noel Walton

There are people who normally over-analyzing things, do not take action due to fear; try to do everything themselves, and get burned out. They will most likely never take the action needed to reach their biggest dreams and let themselves, their families, and their communities down. The potential is in all of us!

In this episode, Noel is telling about taking action, building teams, and utilizing the potential of individuals in your team to get the best results.

Maximizing Ecommerce

Building a Real Estate Empire with James May, EP #128

In this episode, we are going to go in a different direction.  It seems as people become bigger sellers or one day sell their businesses, they often look for other places to park their money.

Personally, I’ve always been curious about real estate investing, and so we can all learn together.  I brought on a good friend of mine from elementary school to talk about real estate investing.

He has developed quite the portfolio of properties with single family, multifamily apartments, and AirBNB.

If you’ve been curious about investing in real estate, you’ll definitely want to check out this episode.

Ask me how I know

Noel Walton of Eagles Capital began his real estate journey by purchasing Carleton Sheets real estate training cassette tapes for $200 at the tender age of 19. His attention was later brought back to real estate investing while working for a property owner and realizing the income real estate investments generated.

Moving past a fixed mindset, Noel decided to find areas he wanted to improve and learned how to accomplish that. When he and his wife decided to push past fear to purchase their first investment, they found the rewards exceeded their expectations. Noel Walton is the President of Eagles Capital, a commercial multi-family investment company. He is also an Army Aviation Officer with over 20 years of military service. He and his wife Claudia began real estate investing in 2012 and have since managed numerous fix and flips, hold a portfolio of single-family rentals and are passively invested in 50 apartment units. They began investing in multi-family real estate to reach their goal of financial freedom due to its’ scalability and long-term wealth opportunities. Noel draws from his experience in past investments, decision making as a UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot and military leader and conquering fear as a skydiver.They have two daughters, Hannah (4) and Julia (1). They have a passion for giving back to causes assisting children and homeless/struggling veterans.

“Trust your knowledge and take action!”

THE REI concierge podcast

Interview with James May – expanding to Multi-Family Syndications description

Today’s interview is with James May, retired Marine, current Foreign Service Officer, experienced real estate investor, and syndicator.  James shares his story, how he began investing in real estate (thanks, Mom!), and his journey into multi-family syndications.  He’s got a wide range of experience, shares knowledge on syndications, and broadens our understanding of this passive investment strategy.

More on James: James May is the Managing Partner of Reef REI. He’s been investing in income producing Real Estate since 2005 and manages approximately $3.5M in his personal portfolio. James has a long government career of over 25 years serving in both the US Marine Corps and currently in the US Department of State’s Foreign Service. James has experience with project management; staff development; expenses management; logistics; budgeting and capital improvements.

Lifetime cash flow through real estate investing

Noel Walton has been in the Warrior program for just one year. In that time he has made some significant moves as a leader in the multifamily investing space and has built an impressive team. Here’s some of what we covered. Dealing with fears and limiting beliefs Team building Listening to the marketplace leaders Underwriting during Covid Understanding your market Taking action to get past fear 2020 – year of learning The more you know, the less you fear.

The real estate syndication show

Many people started investing in real estate while still doing their W2 job. One real estate investor said he started in the industry while he was still on active duty in the military. In this episode, we speak to Noel Walton, co-founder and general partner in ‘The Joint Chiefs of Real Estate’ (JCORE) Partners. The Joint Chiefs of Real Estate Partners is a team of multi-family investors with each member representing a different branch of the military. Noel shares how he and his wife started investing in the single-family unit then to multifamily. Noel also shares how he partnered up with his military colleagues to invest in real estate. Noel emphasizes the importance of networking and building trust with your investors. He also details how he uses LinkedIn to grow his business. Click the play button now and be inspired to kick start your real estate career today!

the cashflow project

Join Vince and Matt as they chat with Noel Walton about the benefits of scalability in multifamily and the value of learning but still putting in the work. Noel is the president of Eagles Capital and co-founder of the JCORE (Joint Chiefs of Real Estate) Partners. With over nine years in real estate investing while on active duty in the army, he understands the demands of a busy professional life. Hence, Noel works hard to provide purely hands-off investing partnership opportunities so that others can also work towards financial freedom. Today, he shares his journey of investing in multifamily while serving active duty in the military. If you want to learn more, stay tuned and enjoy the episode!

diary of an apartment investor

How Noel Walton and his team recently acquired 172 units in Waco, Texas on a deal they were previously turned down for.

make it rain

Noel Walton is the President of Eagles Capital. He is an Army Aviation Officer with 16 years of military service. He began real estate investing in 2012 and has managed several fix and flips, holds a portfolio of single-family rentals and is passively invested in 50 apartment units. He is a General Partner and founder with his team, the ‘The Joint Chiefs of Real Estate (JCORE) Partnership’, consisting of active and retired military members from the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy. Together they invest in the central Texas market targeting B & C Class value add apartments from 50-200 units. As a Helicopter Pilot, Military Leader and a Skydiver, Noel possesses strong risk management, team building, decision-making and capital raising skills. He and his wife, Claudia love to ski, travel, read, and give back to causes assisting children and veterans. They have two daughters, Hannah (4) and Julia (1).

accelerated real estate investor

As a founding member of the Joint Chiefs of Real Estate Partners, with a founder from every branch of the military, Noel Walton has seen how military experience can directly translate to a successful real estate investing career. In the next year as he prepares to transition to civilian life, he has big plans to scale up his post-military career.

the embassy wealth podcast

James May from Dallas Texas is the managing partner of J core partners, LLC. He has been investing in income producing real estate since 2005. He manages approximately $3.5 million in his personal portfolio and has properties in Texas, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Ohio and Missouri. 

James is currently in the foreign service, but has served in the Marine Corps prior to his joining the State Department. 

In this interview, James talks about: 

  • Starting investing in Real Estate with little money as a member of the Marine Corps.
  • Growing his portfolio to 13 single family homes.
  • Leveraging a TSP loan to build his portfolio.
  • His multifamily syndication projects with J core partners, LLC.

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