What’s better the Stock Market or Real Estate?

Foreign Service Officers are well positions for retirement with the 3-Legged Stool – “FERS + Social Security + TSP.” The question is do you want to wait till retirement to start earning passive income. There are so many options out there to invest so what’s better the Stock Market or Real Estate? Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter […]

Going from a Bad Flip to purchasing 4 additional SFR (part 1)

I’m sure you love watching all the flipping shows on HGTV network. It amazes me how these shows make flipping look stress free, fun and easy while always making a profit. What I will say is flipping a house is nowhere as easy as those HGTV shows make it look.   Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter […]

So what is it that the wealthy know that the rest of us don’t?

So what is it that the wealthy knowthat the rest of us don’t? They understand the incredible power of real estate. Real estate has the ability to generate passive income and provide a path toward building wealth. Cash flow Leverage Equity Appreciation Tax benefits Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter & Blog Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. […]

Purchasing my first SFH while serving overseas.

Step 1 – Take action and buy your first property. This article will review my first SFH purchase whiling serving overseas. Even though I made a ton of mistakes on this purchase, taking the first step allowed me to grow a large SFH and Multifamily portfolio. Take Massive Action!!! Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter & Blog […]

Have you ever heard of a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA)?

Did you know you can invest in real estate with you IRA? Over the years, I’ve experienced that real estate is a better investing strategy for my family compared to the stock market.  Even though I personally don’t like investing in the stock market, I continued to invest in an IRA for tax deferred reason. […]