Video 3 – Multi-family Investing – Noel Walton

In this interview, Noel and Claire will discuss the various factors investors should look for when assessing a new market. From macro concepts like population and job growth, to hyper-local details like school zones and upcoming business expansion, this discussion is all about the most important aspect of any real estate deal: location, location, location. […]

Gemini Village – Closed!!!

I have exciting news – we have closed and the property is officially under our control and management. As some of you may know, closing on a large deal like this is no simple feat and delays are extremely common. That being said, we did anticipate being able to close last Friday, March 12th, but […]

Video 2 – Multi-family Investing – Myles Spetsios

Ready to talk returns? As a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, Myles knows the importance of thorough (and conservative) cost-benefit analysis. In this extended interview, Myles walks us through a real-world return analysis, step by step, so you can learn how to vet your own deals with confidence. This interview is packed with data, […]

Multi-family Investing Video – James May

James introduces new investors to the concept of Multi-Family Syndicate investing. We’ll break down the basics of this type of real estate investing, how it works, who’s involved, and what new investors should be looking for (or looking out for) when it comes to vetting a Syndicate sponsor or investment opportunity. Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter & Blog […]

Should you pay off your mortgage?

For most, paying off your mortgage is a personal decision that factors in comfort level of how much debt you have. For me, instead of paying off my mortgages, I leverage that debt to invest in more real estate. First, let me explain leverage. Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter & Blog Get new content delivered directly […]