A Trillion What

This has been covered a trillion times (pun intended), however I think people need to be reminded on how much of anything encompasses a trillion. Joe Biden offered up his plan for a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package and I am flabbergasted by the sheer number of dollars that our government is able to spout with […]


Napoleon Hill was an American author; 1883-1970 who developed a relationship with Andrew Carnegie.  Obviously, Andrew Carnegie needs no introduction but in case you forgot, Carnegie revolutionized the American steel industry and became one of the greatest philanthropists in the United States as well as the British Empire. Andrew Carnegie made an incredible impression on […]

Introduction to JCORE Partners

I’m currently working on another guide specifically for FSO’s that compares the Pros/Cons in investing in the Stock Market, Single Family, and Multifamily. Once its ready, I’ll share that with you as well. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to reach out to me at James@jcoreinvestments.com.

6 Amazing Reasons You’ll Love Passively Investing in Multifamily

When I speak about investing in multifamily real estate, many people do not even know that there are options available to invest in these investment vehicles. For the longest time, I never even considered the idea of large apartments deals since I didn’t have the capital or experience to purchase a multifamily complex. I was […]

Since when did we decide good enough is good enough?

While growing up, I had the biggest dreams and ambition to become a famous actor.  I left home at 18 years old and moved to New York City in order to chase after my dream of becoming an actor.  My ambition and dream chasing took a big hit when I found out I was mentally […]

Multifamily is the Best Passive Investment on the planet?

Where else can you get these benefits? *Below-Average Risk: When the housing bubble popped in 2008, the delinquency rates on Freddie Mac single-family loans soared, hitting 4% in 2010. By contrast, delinquency on multifamily loans peaked at 0.4%. So, if you’re looking for a recession-proof way to invest your money, there is no better option […]