What in the world is Clubhouse?

If you have heard of the new App called Clubhouse and were wondering what the heck this thing is, you’re not alone.  Clubhouse is an application that was launched solely for iPhone users in April of 2020.  Since then, Android users have been able to download Clubhouse to see what this thing is all about. […]

Do you need an LLC?

It really depends on your personal situation and comfort level. First off, what is an LLC? An LLC stands for Limited Liability Company and is an entity that separates business owners and their assets from their business. When a person operates a business (rental properties) without separating themselves from the business, they essentially put themselves […]

The Importance of Time Value of Money

You’ve probably heard about the importance of time value of money. But do you know what it really means?  Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter & Blog Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. When you sign up, you will also received our Passive Investor Guide. What Is The Time Value of Money? The time value of money (TVM) […]

Multifamily Market is on fire!!!

We were outbid again on a phenomenal asset in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Area. It fits perfectly into our wheelhouse on every angle so we were prepared to push hard to get it.  Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter & Blog Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. When you sign up, you will also […]

Why we like the Texas market

With COVID-19 cases continuing to fall and vaccination rates rising, things are beginning to feel a bit more normal. The economy is growing, and the outlook remains positive as the health crisis abates. Here’s a quick look at current conditions and our latest projections for business activity in Texas. Subscribe to JCORE Newsletter & Blog […]

Return on Investments – Multifamily

In the world of real-estate syndicating, there are multiple metrics tossed around to help determine the return on potential investments.  The ones I want to focus on today are the ones we use: Average Cash-on-Cash (CoC) Return Total Return on Investment Average Internal Rate of Return (IRR) I will briefly mention why we use them, […]

Inflation in Multifamily

For those of you who follows financial or political news, you may have seen a lot of recent chatter about inflation.  Most people view high inflation as a bad thing. Just look how the cost of a cup of coffee has increased over the years. It causes the cost of goods to go up making everyday […]

Faith Visualization and Belief in Attaining your Desire

We had discussed previously that DESIRE is the starting point of all achievement, but we must believe that our desire can lead us to something great!  Napoleon Hill wrote that FAITH is the head chemist of the mind, stating FAITH can be induced or created through affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind. Think […]

Be Specific – JCORE’s Nuggets of Wisdom

We know that desire is the starting point of all achievements! What’s next? You are sitting in your office wherever you are in the world and you have a desire to get involved and make money with real estate.  You know you have the desire to take action but you’re not sure what steps you […]

Video 4 – Multi-family Investing – Tom Groves

Recently retired after serving 26 years in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Diplomatic Corps, Tom’s a big believer in ‘doing well by doing good’. In our final interview of this mini-series, Tom discusses big picture strategy, why JCORE remains bullish despite recent market instability, and how syndicate investing – done right – can generate major […]

Video 3 – Multi-family Investing – Noel Walton

In this interview, Noel and Claire will discuss the various factors investors should look for when assessing a new market. From macro concepts like population and job growth, to hyper-local details like school zones and upcoming business expansion, this discussion is all about the most important aspect of any real estate deal: location, location, location. […]