Investment Highlights

  • Preferred Return: 8%
  • Projected Annual Cash-on-Cash: 15%
  • Investment Term: 10-12 Years
  • Refinance in 2-4 years
  • Projected IRR: 20%

This is a new acquisition located in Waco, Texas, where we have an exciting opportunity to increase rents with only moderate capital expenditure – elevating this dated C-Class property to an income-producing B-Class with conservative estimated average annual returns in excess of 17% over the course of a 10-year term.

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Gemini Village is a 506b Private Placement investment. As such, it is not available or marketable to the public. In order to potentially qualify for participation in this Offering, investors must have a substantive, pre-existing relationship with JCORE Partners, Afield Real Estate, Pero Real Estate, their officers, executives, or direct representatives. Per S.E.C. regulations, the existence of this substantive, pre-existing relationship is the first and most crucial qualifier for participation in this Offering.

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If you have questions about whether you meet this requirement, please feel free to reach out to our Investor Relations team at any time. If you do not meet this criterion currently, we would be happy to speak with you about the process of establishing such a relationship so that you may be eligible to participate in future 506b Offerings with our team.

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