Edinboro Portfolio LP is offering investors access to an apartment portfolio investment in partnership with Pero Real Estate, Open Doors Capital, and JCORE. We are under contract to purchase 149 units across three locations, including Highland Townhomes (85 units,) Twin Towers & College Townhomes (54 units,) and Erie & Ontario (10 units). The properties are located in the Erie, Pennsylvania metro area.

Our goal is to improve the asset, increase its value, manage for cash flow and eventually sell for a profit. The anticipated holding period of the property is 5-7 years.

Our overriding objective is to provide investors with consistent, recession-resistant returns backed by a hard asset in the multifamily sector, which is currently experiencing a supply shortage with the gap between demand and supply only expected to widen in the future as the country is rapidly transforming into a renter nation.

We have secured low-interest long-term fixed debt on this deal, so we are not subject to interest rate fluctuations and risk.