Multifamily Market is on fire!!!

Our initial underwriting put us at $12MM – in line with the guidance we were receiving.  After some further research, we felt comfortable pushing to $12.2MM, maybe even $12.3MM if we had to.  Not bad to have a few $100K to play with if need be.  Our lender even mentioned we could still get 70% […]

Why we like the Texas market

Texas has recovered more than one million of the nearly 1.5 million jobs lost in March and April of last year due to the pandemic. The state added 13,000 jobs in April (on a seasonally-adjusted basis) as strong gains in a few industry groups, such as leisure and hospitality and professional and business services, were […]

Return on Investments – Multifamily

We will start off with the Average Cash-on-Cash return.  This is calculated by taking the cash distribution divided by the cash in the deal and averaging that out over each year of the deal.  Example:  You invest $100K, receive an $8K distribution year 1, $9K year 2, and $10K year 3.  Your returns over the […]

Inflation in Multifamily

I personally see inflation as a good thing in our investment space.  The reason for this is the time value of money.  As you may know, money today is worth more than money tomorrow.  This is primarily because of inflation.  If we have 5% inflation in the cost of goods a year from now, you […]


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