The ‘Joint Chiefs of Real Estate’ partnership, otherwise known as JCORE, is a team of active duty military and veteran investors that manage over $16 million in real estate assets. They are dedicated to creating passive investment opportunities through commercial multi-family real estate.

They target B & C class apartment complexes in the Central Texas market from San Antonio to Dallas-Fort Worth. Their focus is on complexes with 50-200+ units with value add, modernization, and professional management opportunities not already in place. This allows them to increase the Net Operating Income and exponentially increase the value of the asset, which is then passed on to their investors.

They strive for excellence throughout their acquisition, underwriting, due diligence, management operations and exit strategies in order to ensure not only security of investor’s capital, but outstanding returns with minimal risk.

The members consist of Noel Walton; Myles Spetsios; James May; and Tom Groves.


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