Dallas Fort-Worth is one of the most resilient MSAs in the nation with a diverse economy, affordable living, and lower costs of doing business. The region is a top choice for multifamily investors due to its rapid population and job growth, leading the nation for several consecutive years. The graph below illustrates the demand for apartments in the DFW area – it’s off the charts, literally!

Similarly, job losses in the DFW market have been less than any other major metro area in the country.  All 12 of the nation’s largest metro areas had year-to-date job losses.  Seven metros exceeded the national average of 7% – with New York and San Francisco leading the losses at over 11% each.  Phoenix and Dallas were basically tied for the least job losses at 3.5% each – that’s less than one-third the job losses or those two leaders and less than half the loss of the national average!  Economic resiliency is key for investing in multifamily.

DFW is a leader in transportation and logistics.  Dallas leads the job growth in the US. DFW has one of the most diverse economies in the country and it actually leads the country in net migration by adding over 1 million residents since 2010!  I could go on and on but you get the point.  We’re not seeing any discounts in the Dallas market but there’s a reason – the facts just don’t justify it.  With rates low and opportunities still in the market, we plan to continue moving forward.

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