Good Bye 2020

Good Bye 2020 No one could have predicted the tumultuous year that 2020 turned out to be. However, from a multifamily standpoint, it was not as catastrophic as we feared in March and April. Some properties have suffered slightly lower collection rates as tenants lost jobs. At the same time, most tenants made it a […]

Why we love Dallas

Dallas Fort-Worth is one of the most resilient MSAs in the nation with a diverse economy, affordable living, and lower costs of doing business. The region is a top choice for multifamily investors due to its rapid population and job growth, leading the nation for several consecutive years. The graph below illustrates the demand for apartments […]

Some Huge Personal News

If you’re reading this, I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with you over the past few years. And since we’re connected, it’s time to update you on some recent changes along with why I’m so excited about the future. I’m beyond grateful for the support of my wife and family and the education and mentorship […]